Meet the #Child10 Awardees of 2017!

After a long process searching for 10 bold, grass-root leaders working to improve the lives of children on the run from war and conflict, we are proud to announce the Awardees of 2017.

This year, ECPAT Sweden joins Child 10 providing their expertise around sexual exploitation of children, a risk faced by many children that are on the run.

Meet the Awardees:

Seila Samleang, APLE, Cambodia: Nearly 10% of Cambodian children are subjected to sexual abuse or exploitation before the age of 18. Since 2003, Seila Samleang has led APLE to partner up with the local police to assist them with child-friendly investigation processes, and offer legal and social support to the children affected.

Ricky Richard Anywar, Friends of Orphans, Uganda: In Northern Uganda, 60,000 children have been abducted and forcibly militarized, and many young girls suffer from sexual assault and unwanted pregnancy. Ricky Richard Anywar founded FRO to provide self-employment based vocational training for former child soldiers, underaged mothers, and other vulnerable children.

Belle Sweeney, The Schoolbox Project: In Greek refugee camps, children from nearly ten different countries coexist. There is one thing these multinational refugees have in common: trauma. Belle Sweeney and her team provides trauma-informed education, art and play in mobile schoolhouses made out of converted shipping containers.

Sam Sovannarith, Damnok Toek, Cambodia: Due to socio-economic instability in Thailand and Cambodia, nearly 25 unaccompanied children cross the border each day in search of a better life. Sam Sovannarith aim to prevent child trafficking and sexual exploitation, rehabilitate traumatized youths and guide them to social inclusion.

Wereje Benson, CIYOTA, Uganda & DR Congo: In the Great Lakes Region of Africa, over 11 million children have no access to education, and 1 in 10 children become child soldiers. Benson Wereje founded CIYOTA to provide proper education, accommodation and medical care to empower child refugees to create a better future for themselves.

Jamil Sawalma, Right To Play Palestine: The current political conflict in Palestine has negatively affected the country’s education, resulting in 50% of school children being subjected to verbal and/or physical abuse. Jamil Sawalma trains school teachers to use a more child-centered and play-based teaching approach to ensure a safe educational space for children.

Jannes Grudin & Erica Mattelin, Save the Children Sweden, TF-CBT: Child refugees in Sweden often live with untreated posttraumatic stress disorder which turns into a chronic condition. Jannes Grudin and Erica Mattelin have partnered up with local NGOs and clinicians to provide medical aid to children who need psychological support.

Murhabazi Namegabe, BVES, DR Congo: Ceaseless conflicts in the Great Lakes Region of Africa have caused thousands of child refugees to separate from their families, and forced them into a cycle of continuous relocation. Murhabazi Namegabe helps unaccompanied minors find refuge at BVES’s homes and centers, and assist with family reunification while protecting their safety.

Sooi Schneider & Tobias Glad, Habibi, Sweden: Unaccompanied North African child refugees struggle for inclusion into Swedish society, as they lack access to information and education, and often get their asylum visas refused. Sooi Schneider and Tobias Eriksson-Glad created Habibi to help unaccompanied youths gain access to information and provide mental support, as a first step to social integration.

Amanda Lane, Collateral Repair Project, Jordan: While most NGOs assist conflict-affected children at refugee camps in Jordan, 87% of the children actually live outside of these camps without any educational guidance or psychological support. Amanda Lane leads CRP, an NGO that offers educational and financial aid to urban child refugees.

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