Victim Support and Assistance

This program aims to support the capacity development of the criminal justice system for the investigation, prosecution and prevention of child sexual offences.

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Partnership and coordination

Through developing and disseminating best practice guidelines for supporting victims and their families, doing case-by-case advocacy and building strategic partnerships with other organizations, the Court Support Program focuses on providing high-quality and timely legal and social support for victims of sexual abuse, thus enabling them to pursue justice while minimizing the risk of further trauma. The program’s activities include crisis intervention, provision of emotional support, legal advice and representation for victims and their families along with advocacy at all levels to establish child-friendly procedures during the entire judicial process.

case study

Retrieving from suicidal thoughts: Deeply Traumatized Girl Recovers from Online Abuse


Sophearoth* was 15 years old when she befriended an unknown male on Facebook who requested her friendship, appearing to be around her same age. Over the days, communication grew between the two.

Sophearoth exchanged innocent photographs with whom she believed was her new friend. The “friend”, however, started to Photoshop her pictures, merging them with naked body-parts of pictures likely found on porn sites. The offender sent the edited photographs to Sophearoth and threatened her with making them public in case she would not send him real naked photos of her. Afraid of the fake photographs reaching her friends and family members, Sophearoth decided to comply with his request.

The offender continued the sextortion and requested an off-line meeting. Although she refused to meet in person, the situation provoked a strong distress in the girl, who decided to commit suicide. She attempted to cut her wrists, but was fortunately rescued.

Sophearoth has since made significant progress overcoming her emotional trauma and has stopped suicidal thoughts. Although the offender has since not been identified, APLE’s Hotline Analyst closely monitors the Facebook accounts of both the suspect and Sophearoth. There is no leaking of her photographs to any online platform.

* Name was changed to protect the victim’s identity and privacy.

court support

Case Study

In 2018, APLE provided legal support to 148 victims and
families, social support to 298 victims and families.

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