Address the unique needs and vulnerabilities

We ensure that all support services are coordinated and provided by professionals who are trained in working with child victims of sexual exploitation and abuse.


Empower child victims to rebuild their lives with confidence

The needs of child victims of sexual exploitation and abuse are complex and multifaceted. Therefore, APLE focuses on a holistic and coordinated approach to address their needs effectively and promote their healing, well-being, and safe reintegration.

Our program

Child victims of sexual exploitation and abuse endure unimaginable trauma, fear, and confusion. To support their recovery, it is crucial that they have access to comprehensive and coordinated support services.

These children also require guidance throughout the legal process to protect their rights and ensure justice is served. APLE provides crucial legal support, representation, and information about legal proceedings to child victim survivors so that they can receive the assistance they need to navigate the complex legal system and seek the justice they deserve.

Program Objectives

Protecting the rights of victims to access justice and protection services

This program aims to provide comprehensive support services to children who are victims of crimes and their families, especially during the process of investigating and prosecuting the individuals responsible for the crimes.


Availability of comprehensive services

To enhance the availability of and access to high-quality support services that take into account gender sensitivity and are geared towards children’s needs. These services are to ensure that child victims and their families have access to the necessary resources that help to mitigate the long-term impact of these experiences and promote healing and recovery for child victims and their families.


Coordinated Support for Victim-Survivors

To improve the coordination and collaboration between various service providers that play a role in safeguarding and supporting child victims and their families. By working together in a child-centered manner, these entities can leverage their respective expertise to create a more comprehensive and effective system of protection for affected


Child Sensitive and Inclusive Response Systems

To enhance compliance with the necessary guidelines for court proceedings that are suitable for children, while also empowering victims to obtain justice as they navigate the process of recovery and integration back into society.

Support our fight

Relentless Efforts to Protect Children

As APLE continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges, its commitment to protecting children remains steadfast. Through its relentless efforts, APLE strives to make a lasting impact in the fight against child sexual exploitation and abuse.

Proven Strategies

Crisis Intervention, Psycho-social and Legal Support

We advocate for the rights of victims to access justice and protection, working closely with government, law enforcement, and child protection services to ensure victim-survivors receive immediate and prolonged assistance.

The APLE team comprises of trained social work personnel who are adept at providing immediate crisis interventions and psycho-social support to child victims who have experienced sexual exploitation and abuse. 

APLE’s primary role is to conduct a thorough and comprehensive assessment of each victim’s specific needs, taking into account their unique experiences and gender. Based on their assessment, the team then provides initial support and refers the victims to a wide network of partner organizations that provide longer-term psycho-social support services and other necessary support.

APLE’s actions are instrumental in ensuring that rescued child victims receive the appropriate assistance they need to overcome their traumatic experiences and begin to rebuild their lives.

The legal team provides legal advice, representation, and assistance to child victims and their families who are seeking justice in court. This legal service is accessible during all court proceedings. In order to ensure that legal remedies and reparations are carried out effectively, the team collaborates with relevant government institutions, law enforcement agencies, child rights organizations, and a pro bono lawyer network. This collaborative effort assists child victims in bringing civil claims to both local and foreign court jurisdictions.

Need Help?


We believe that effective and ethical enforcement of the law is essential in protecting the rights of children.

We place great emphasis on forming formal partnerships with government and NGO service providers. These partnerships are crucial in increasing the number of referrals and ensuring that child victims and their families have access to the necessary resources. Our goal is to develop and implement a robust Case Management System that adheres to the government’s policies and guidelines. This system will be used to manage referrals to specialist services and ensure that child victims receive the age-appropriate, gender-sensitive, and accessible services they need from the start to the end of their legal proceedings. By doing so, we hope to provide comprehensive support to child victims and their families and help them navigate the complex legal system.

APLE partners with government and NGO service providers to refer child victims to appropriate long-term support services. We coordinate in assessing the needs of child victims and their families and ensure they receive access to comprehensive support services. Our key partners include the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MoSVY) and their provincial departments (DoSVY), the Ministry of Women Affairs at national and subnational levels, and other NGOs providing child protection services who are members of the Family Care First network.

Children and young individuals possess strong viewpoints, and it is their legitimate right to express them in matters that impact their well-being. APLE strives to involve children in our initiatives by gathering their voices and perspectives, which are then utilized to inform policy and legislative development that caters to children’s needs. We ensure to conduct effective consultations with child participation throughout the entire process of program development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

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