Your help is needed.

There is an urgent need to take action and stop the atrocities of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Sexual abuse and exploitation has a devastating, life-long impact on a child, and more children are at risk with perpetrators changing methods of gaining access to children to abuse and exploit them.

But by working together, we can stop the threat and help rescue children. We need your support.


Child survivors rescued and supported


Children at risk educated about the sexual abuse

Help us protect the most vulnerable children and prevent abuse and exploitation.


Established in 2002, APLE is dedicated to combating the sexual abuse and exploitation of children in Cambodia. APLE's mission is to strengthen national social and legal systems for the protection of children at risk of, or affected by, sexual abuse and exploitation.

What We Do

APLE works in four holistic programs, implementing the partnership across multi stakeholders, with the aim to ensure social and systematic change in the prevention of abuse and protection of victims.

Community, Industry and Media Engagement

APLE engages and empower all levels of the society with the knowledge, skills and tools that enable children, parents, caregivers, educators, practitioners, authorities, to identify risks, report abuse and take action to prevent the crime.

Policy and Legislation

With data and research based evidence, APLE supports the development of comprehensive and effective policies and legal frameworks to protect children from all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation that comply with international legal standards and the UNCRC protection measures.

Criminal Justice Development

APLE provides specialized police with child protection training, mentorship and assistance for ensuring that investigations against child sexual offences are carried out in full respect of the right of the child and their best interests and minimise negative impact and traumatisation on the children involved.

Victim Support And Assistance

APLE’s team of social workers and lawyers provide and facilitate access to integrated social and legal services that help child victims recover and cope with the immediate and long term impact of their abuse, ensuring support is available through the investigation and court proceedings. 


We’re a member of INHOPE Global Network of Hotlines, committed to combating child sexual abuse material online. Currently, the network consists of 46 hotlines in 42 countries. 

Report via INHOPE


2020 is the most challenging year for the implementation of many activities due to the outbreak and containment measures of COVID19.

Fortunately, with the incredible supports from our partners and donors, we were able to step up the fight in many areas. Here are some of the proud achievements.

people trained
offenders prosecuted
Victims Supported
Cases sent to police
0 %
Conviction rate
victim rescued

Child Online Protection

With the growth of modern internet communication technologies, the vulnerability of children is sadly increasing. We’ve partnered with law enforcement, industry and hotlines around the world to prevent and combat online child sexual exploitation such as child sexual abuse material, online grooming, sextortion, live-streaming. 

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Online Grooming

The act of soliciting a child through the use of the internet for sexual purposes such as to receive sexual images online or to meet in person to sexually exploit him/her.

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The act of using self-produced sexual messages or pictures of a child in order to threaten him/her for sexual favor, money or other benefits.

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Can I report it?

You can anonymously report online child sexual abuse and exploitation cases that you happen to see by clicking the button below.


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Child Protection Skills Training, 31 National Police Officers Trained

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