20 years of Combating CSAE

Established in 2002, we take concrete actions to combat Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in Cambodia. There is an urgent need to stop the atrocities of these crimes. We need your help to fight it together. 

What We Do

We work in four holistic intervention programs, implementing the partnerships across multi stakeholders, with the aim to ensure social and systematic change in the prevention of abuse and protection of young victims.

To support, influence and advocate for the development and effective implementation of policies and laws that take into account the 4 guiding principles on children’s rights, ensuring their best protection of, esp. those at high risk. 

To strengthen the capacity of criminal justice actors responsible for investigating and prosecuting sexual crimes against children, with the aim of ensuring child-friendly justice, greater crime prevention, and impact on victims. 

To provide access to immediate crisis support, legal assistance and referral to appropriate services for child victims and their families, while enhancing the capacity of multi-disciplinary service providers to work with child victims.  

To equip and empower communities, industries and media agencies with the knowledge, skills and tools required to identify and respond to child sexual abuse and exploitation, and engage them in a broader prevention framework. 

Featured Research

Can One-Stop Service Center Meet the Gaps in Response for Child Victims?

Aims to explore existing approaches between key actors, and identify evidence relating to gaps and positive practice, to support the development of services that ensure children’s best interests are met during the criminal justice procedure.

Child Online Protection Strategy

With the growth of modern internet technologies, the vulnerability of children is sadly increasing. We’ve partnered with government, law enforcement, global tech industries and global hotlines to prevent and respond to online child sexual exploitation.

Prevention of Online

We take action to prevent and respond to Online Child Sexual Exploitation through public awareness, specialized training, policy and legal framework, and industry cooperation.

Notice and Takedown

We operate the Hotline Reporting System to receive and process Child Sexual Abuse Material which enables for the content to be removed and/or cases to be investigated.

Victim Support Services

The Hotline helps law enforcement to identify and rescue child victims. It also helps the child and their families to access appropriate support services through referral.


A Global Network of Hotlines to fight child sexual abuse material online

To leverage our child protection work, we  partner with INHOPE — a Global Network of Hotlines committed to combating child sexual abuse material on the internet. Currently, the network consists of 46 hotlines in 42 countries around the globe. 

Our insights and news articles

Online Platforms Skyrocket During COVID-19, Increasing Risks for Sexual Exploitation of Children Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced children throughout the world to change normal practices of life into new ways of communicating and socializing, that has largely been made possible through online platforms and applications. With schools shut down, learning has moved to online classrooms and e-learning applications. Meeting and socializing with friends through social media online

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