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Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation

We empower children with the safety and justice they deserve. Together, we can create a future where every child is safe, respected, and free from sexual exploitation and abuse.


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Who We Are

Dedicated to Combating Child Sexual Exploitation & Abuse

Established in 2003, Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE) Cambodia is a Non-Governmental Organization, dedicatedly working with government, law enforcement, civil society organizations, and private sector for a single goal – ensuring justice and safety for children. Through prevention, protection, recovery, support, and collaboration, APLE upholds children’s rights and contributes to creating a secure environment for all children.

What We Do

Enhancing Child Centric Response & Support Systems

APLE improves child-friendly justice by supporting capacity building among law enforcement and judicial professionals, implementing child-sensitive practices, advocating for legal reforms, and providing legal aid and counseling to child victims, resulting in a just system that upholds children’s rights while reducing trauma and preserving their dignity.
Our Interventions

Our Approach Is Integral to Our Mission of Protecting Children

Early Prevention

Our prevention approach combines community awareness, education, and empowerment across families, authorities, media, and industry.

Child Friendly Justice

Our protection strategy enhances law enforcement capacity and cross-border collaboration for child-centered criminal justice practices.

Recovery & Support

We provide coordinated services for child victim-survivors, ensuring critical support and protection and aligning with children's rights and best interests.


Our hotlines enable swift reporting, intervention, and removal of child abuse content, connecting victims with essential support services.


Our approach emphasizes active participation in policy and legislative processes, research, and advocacy to improve the protection system.

Child Participation

APLE champions child-centered methods, educating and engaging children in matters affecting them and using their voices in advocacy.

Hand, child and palm with stop for violence, abuse and warning sign in support for harassment and p
Every Report Matters

Report It, Don't Ignore It

    Child Survivor
    Child Survivor


    The internet hotline delivered immediate, compassionate, and efficient support when I needed it most, ensuring my concerns were addressed with professionalism and understanding.

      NGO Partner
      NGO Partner


      APLE's hotline is a game-changer for us! Super quick and knowledgeable, they've been awesome in helping us deal with OCSEA cases.

        Child's Parent
        Child's Parent


        The hotline response team was a lifesaver when I was worried about my child's online safety. They were very supportive and helped us navigate a tough situation.

          Police Officer
          Police Officer


          APLE's hotline was crucial in helping us report and remove suspected CSAM images efficiently. Their prompt and expert assistance made a real difference.

          Reports Received
          Cases Referred to Police
          Illegal Images Removed
          Victims Supported
          Enpowering early prevention

          Building Synergies to Prevent Violence Against Children

          Through workshops, resources, and collaborative efforts, APLE equips communities, professionals, and partners with the tools and understanding needed to identify risks, safeguard children, and foster a culture of vigilance and protection against exploitation.

          Supporting Our Cause

          Join us in this critical mission to create a world where every child is safe from exploitation and abuse.

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