Criminal Justice Development

To effectively respond to Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, law enforcement requires the right knowledge, skills, systems and other critical resources to deal with complex cases, ensure successful judicial outcomes and provide the best possible protection for victims.

Program ObjectiveS

This program’s strategic objective is to strengthen the capacity of dedicated law enforcement agencies to perform victim-focused or child-centred investigations and prosecutions of child sexual abuse and exploitation, and ensure prevention of re-offending. The program’s objectives are: 

  • Increased capacity of national law enforcement and judiciary for the investigation, prosecution and prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation
  • Enhanced multi-disciplinary cooperation at national and international levels for the investigation, prosecution and prevention of child sexual offences
  • Improved child-focused and proactive practices by law enforcement and judiciary for the best possible protection and support of child victims involving in the investigation and court proceedings


Strengthening the capacity of law enforcement is one of fundamental strategic objectives of the Criminal Justice Development Program. The increased knowledge and skills of law enforcement helps promote child-focused investigations, prosecutions and overall, contributes to preventing crimes from happening. APLE provides and facilitates training, skills development and mentoring for law enforcement and judicial actors, focusing on child-centred approaches in response to child sexual abuse/exploitation, and on how to identify and investigate offending behaviors and how to facilitate access to victim support. 

The training is crucial to enhance the capacity of law enforcement to perform child-centric or victim-focused investigation that allows for more effective protection of children involved.

To support law enforcement officers in the application of child-centric procedures in their investigations, we provide long-term mentorship, drawing upon international standards of good practice, to enable for the best possible protection of children involved in investigation, and ensure positive impact on victims, greater prevention and successful judicial outcomes. 

We assist law enforcement with information gathering of possible cases of child sexual exploitation, case referrals, and provide critical support that enhances the capacity to build solid cases for prosecution. Assistance includes victim identification, child forensic interviewing, and access to international law enforcement assistance and cooperation.

APLE’s assistance provided to law enforcement is critical and has the potential to ensure timely access to justice for involved children and that procedures are handled in respect of all children’s rights, including the right to be heard and protected.  

Under the signed MoU with the Ministry of Interior, APLE closely cooperates with national law enforcement agencies, including the Department of Anti Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection and its provincial units, and the Anti Cybercrime Department of the Cambodian National Police.

To support extra-territorial effort in investigating and prosecuting transnational crimes against children, APLE  collaborates with foreign law enforcement agencies to support effective communications on suspected cases of child sexual abuse, and facilitate international collaboration among all actors in the law enforcement chain. We work in close cooperation with FBI, HSI, NCA, AFP, Nordic Police, French Police, BKA, to enhance response to cross-border sexual crimes against children and facilitate law enforcement cooperation between countries. 

Measures of Success

  • Law enforcement and judicial officials capacitated and mentored on child focused investigative methods
  • Reported cases successfully investigated and prosecuted, using victim-focused approach
  • Increased joint initiatives taken by national law enforcement for cross-border investigations and prosecutions
  • Greater law enforcement mechanisms implemented for international cooperation in transnational investigation, prosecution, victim identification and removal of illegal online content
  • Training curriculums and materials developed, focusing on child-friendly justice, to support continuing capacity development of dedicated law enforcers
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