Criminal Justice Development

This program aims to support capacity development of the criminal justice actors to perform victim-focused investigations and prosecutions, and ensure prevention of re-offending.

This program encompasses the work for which APLE is best known, and is founded on the belief that strengthening the capacity of criminal justice institutions is the highest priority in achieving long-term sustainable change in the prevention of crimes and protection of victims.


We provide critical training to law enforcement officers responsible for sexual crime against children to enhance their capacity to perform child-centred or victim-focused investigations that allow for more effective protection of children involved.


Under an MoU with the Ministry of Interior, we closely cooperate with national law enforcement agencies and provide long-term mentorship to support police officers investigating cases of child sexual exploitation and abuse with making the best use of the child centred investigative methods.

Investigative Assistance

Our case officers work hand in hand with police to assist with information gathering of possible cases of child sexual exploitation and provide critical support that enhances the capacity to build solid cases for prosecutions. Assistance includes victim identification, child forensic interview and access to international law enforcement assistance and cooperation.

Where We Focus On

Our Criminal Justice Development Program focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and tools for law enforcement and judiciary, from first responders to judges, to enhance their capacity to perform victim-focused investigations and prosecutions of child sexual abuse and exploitation cases, and how to provide access to victim support.

Who we engage with

We engage with specialised police responsible for crime against children. We work in cooperation with the Department of Anti Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection and its provincial units, and the Anti Cybercrime Department of the Cambodian National Police. We also collaborate with foreign law enforcement agencies to support their extra-territorial efforts in investigating and prosecuting transnational crimes against children. 

Help us Rescue more Victims, Support More Prosecutions, and Prevent Re-offending

Your support will enable us to identify and rescue more children affected by sexual exploitation and to assist law enforcement with prosecuting more cases, and preventing repeat crimes.

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