Leadership and Staffing

APLE management and staff members are dedicated to the cause and make the most possible effort to protect children from all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation.

Our Governing Board

APLE Cambodia is governed by a Board of Directors and operates under a self-governing system and the principle of representation by means of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the staff members. Each Board member has a duty to steer APLE towards a sustainable future by adopting sound governance and financial management policies, and helping to ensure adequate resources.

Staff Commitment

All APLE's employees perform their duties in accordance with principles of highest moral, legal and professional conducts aiming to ensure proper performance and services.
APLE has committed staff who have pledged to protect children from abuse. Each was employment based on their capacity and the need of the projects. They have agreed to work according to the spirit of the UN CRC and APLE values and to protect children at all cost.

Professional Development

APLE’s commitment to professional development is evident through every effort to provide the staff with applicable skills for their professional and personal lives, for the benefit of society.

Recruitment Process

APLE is an equal opportunity employer. APLE recruitment process is always transparent, impartial and equal. Background and suitability checks are some key requirements to ensure people with child abuse and related criminal background are not employed.

Board Update 2020

The year 2020 brought many challenges for everyone due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. APLE has responded strongly throughout the year despite these difficulties. The team has achieved much more than might have been expected in such circumstances and the Board is proud of the progress which has been made.

Travel constraints due to Covid-19 meant that all Board meetings were conducted remotely and it was not possible for Board members to visit Cambodia. Despite this, the Board has also managed to continue its work and we were able to review and revise all existing APLE policies early in 2020 as well as producing a number of new policies to comply with international standards for an eco-friendly,
transparent, equality-based and efficient NGO. 

The Board also took steps to ensure that all APLE employees and their families were protected from detrimental social and financial impacts of Covid-19.

It is also notable that despite many unexpected pressures and a global reduction in donor availability due to COvid-19, APLE has successfully managed its financial situation to end the year in balance. This is an excellent result which many other organizations have been unable to achieve.

During the year, we have had significant changes in Board membership. We were sad to lose Ms Sarah Nijholt, who had to resign due to work pressures overseas. However, we were delighted to welcome four new non-executive Board members at the end of 2020, 3 of whom are based in Phnom Penh; this is a significant positive development and we hope their local presence will provide even greater support to the APLE team. We have also agreed that from now on, all APLE Team leaders will become Executive Board members, in addition to the existing Executive Team. This will give more direct links between the Board and APLE staff and will enable wider input on a more frequent basis. 

After 5.5 years in the role, Dr. Evelyn Dykes stepped down from her position as Chair of the Board at the end of December 2020; a new Chair will be appointed shortly and Evelyn will continue to support APLE informally wherever she can.

Meet our New Board Members

Eang Seng Eav, School CEO

Malina Enlund, Trust and Safety Manager

Lay Nora, Attorney at Law

Oliver King, NGO Founder

Dr. David Tchernin, NGO Founder

Membership & Partnership

APLE is a member of two global networks dedicated to combating the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and operates under formal MoUs with the Ministry of Interior & the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation. APLE is also a trusted partner of Facebook and a member of Family Care First Network.
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