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If you are worried that a child is being sexually exploited or is at risk of sexual abuse, you have chosen the right decision by coming here to report your concern. We're here to help.


If you see a child in immediate danger of abuse or exploitation, contact your nearest local police or call 1288 (Police Hotline).

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If you have questions about reporting or are looking for information on how to keep children safe, we welcome you to talk to us.

Why Report?

Child sexual abuse is the most serious violation of the right of the child and leaves a devastating impact on a young child. The presence of child sexual abuse images and videos online means the child continues to be abused every time his/her images are seen.

By reporting abuse, you are helping us with the possible rescue of a child victim, the removal of images and the possible prosecution of an offender.

Your report will be assessed by our hotline analysts and may be sent to the police for investigation.

If you report possible images or videos of CSAM, we may coordinate notice and takedown actions with the law enforcement authority and/or other appropriate agencies to have the illegal content removed from the internet and enable a possible investigation by police.

An image, video or any other visible or electronic material depicting a child’s nudity which excites or stimulates sexual desire is defined as child pornography.

Under the Cambodia’s Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation (2008), distribution, production and possession for distribution of child pornography is a criminal offence and may face up to 20 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to 10 million Riel. 


Please be aware that APLE does not encourage or authorize anyone to search for or otherwise seek out child pornography content. The production, distribution, and certain forms of possession of child pornography are illegal in Cambodia.

What It means?

refers to images, videos, writings, and/or recordings of child sexual abuse or exploitation

The term child sexual abuse material is increasingly being used to replace the term child pornography. This switch of terminology is based on the argument that sexualized material that depicts or otherwise represents children is indeed a representation, and a form, of child sexual abuse, and should not be described as pornography. As the hotline and child protection professional, we prefer to use the terminology ‘CSAM’, to ‘Child Pornography’, The term we use does matter. To learn more about terminology guidelines, click here

refers to the act of soliciting a child, either in person or through the use of the internet for sexual purposes such as to receive sexual images online or to meet in person to sexually exploit him/her

refers to the act of using self-produced sexual messages/pictures of a child in order to threaten him/her for sexual favor, money or other benefits

refers to the act of using a child in sexual activities that are recorded and transmitted live over the Internet

refers to the act of sexually exploiting a child that is involved in a context of travel, tourism, or both, and can be
committed by either foreign or domestic tourists and travelers

refers to the act of forcing a child to have sex against her or his will, often involving the use of physical force or violence

refers to the act of involving a child in sexual activity against his/her consent such as touching the child’s genital or molesting the child for sexual gratification


Complaint Procedure

We welcome feedback about our programs and services and would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts on our website, the materials we provide, and how you utilize our resources to enhance the safety of children in your community.

Yes, you can make a complaint about our hotline service, including the behaviour of our staff. We take your complaint seriously, so please feel free to give us as much information as possible so that we can resolve any issue in the best possible way.

A general complaint should be submitted to us, using this complaint form. Please fill in as much information as possible such as: 

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Country
  • Reason of the complaint

If a complaint is submitted by email, and it does not have verifiable contact details, we will acknowledge the complaint to the e-mail address from which it appears to have been sent, requesting the contact detail. If such details are not provided, the complaint will not be accepted.

If the complaint is valid, we will acknowledge the complaint and the matter will be carefully investigated. Any complaint about the hotline service delivery will be handled by the hotline manager who will then report to the executive director. Any complaint about the staff behavior will be reported to the executive director or the child protection focal point if the behavior involves child safety. You can read our child protection policy here.

Any complaint about the executive director will be investigated by the Board of Directors. 

If the complaint is upheld, remedial action is taken and the complainant is informed.

If the complaint is not upheld, the complainant is informed of the outcome.

Where the complaint is not upheld, we will delete any personal data stored from our system, following 90 days. If a subsequent complaint was received by the same complainant, this retention period would start again from the date of receipt of the new complaint.

Case Study

Sextortion as an Online Child Exploitation Trend in Cambodia

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