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Lenient Sentence for Sexual Crimes against Eleven Children

Phnom Penh – On 10 February 2016, the former director of Our Home orphanage, Mr. Hang Vibol, was convicted for Indecent Assault with Aggravating Circumstances against eleven children aged between 6 to 17. Vibol was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, and ordered to pay 30 million riel (approx. 7,500 USD) compensation to five victims and pay an 8 million riel (approx. 2000 USD) fine.

Khoem Vando, Programme Manager at Child Protection NGO APLE, said about the conviction:

“The extremely serious nature of the crimes committed combined with the high number of victims should have warranted for a higher sentence. Three years’ imprisonment is only the minimum sentence for this crime and does not give justice to the victims. APLE will advocate with the prosecutor to appeal this sentence.”

Slowly, but gradually the victims of Vibol are recovering from the abuse they endured. As always, APLE’s partner organizations will continue to provide social support to the victims for as long as needed. While most victims of child sexual abuse will never fully recover, some of the victims in this case mentioned that they feel safe now they know that Vibol is in prison.  

For more information about the background of the case and APLE Cambodia’s role in this case, please see the Note of Clarification from APLE at:

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