Formal Collaboration

APLE has signed MoUs with the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation. Both MoUs focus on collaboration in the areas of capacity building, law enforcement, victim psychosocial and legal service, awareness raising, and hotline to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse/exploitation online and offline. 

Partnership Goal

APLEs’ collaboration with government aims to strengthen the enforcement of national policy and legal frameworks on child protection; raise awareness of the rights of child victims; disseminate evidence based and up-to-date information about CSAE; support and give focus to actions against CSEA; and enhance cross-sector partnership between government, civil society and private sector in preventing and responding to CSAE.

Government Bodies

Through the above MoUs, APLE cooperates with high levels of government bodies such as the National Committee for Counter Trafficking, and Cambodia National Council for Children at national and subnational levels. APLE also engages with government partners to provide critical support that contributes to change in laws  and practices. 

Collaborative Strategy

APLE seeks to increase awareness, understanding and actions by the high levels of government and other stakeholders who are responsible for child protection and/or support child victims in access to justice through the following approaches:

Explore opportunities to engage with high level discussions and processes to raise attention on CSAE and influence decision-making, action plans, initiatives, mechanisms, systems, which aim to improve the prevention of CSAE

Continue to conduct research, develop tailored messages, analytical reports, position paper, IEC materials specific for particular audiences and advocacy purposes based on evidence and reliable data, incorporating, wherever possible, the voices and perspectives of children

Capitalize on working relationships with press and media, including by fostering a network of journalists and other communicators to appropriately report on CSAE related issues, , or by organizing press conferences to disseminate information, case studies, statistics or other CSAE related news across mass media

Improve coordination among government stakeholders and resource allocations for CSAE prevention

Membership & Partnership

APLE is a member of two global networks dedicated to combating the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and operates under formal MoUs with the Ministry of Interior & the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation. APLE is also a trusted partner of Facebook and a member of Family Care First Network.
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