Deportation Increases After APLE’s Tough Advocacy

Deportation order by the judges is crucial for victims and their family members as it makes them feel more secure after the completion of the imprisonment term of the convicted. To respond to this issue, APLE’s lawyers have raised up many points to the judges during the hearing and advocated with prosecutor and general prosecutor to appeal on deportation where it did not exist at the lower courts.

This year, the number of deportation appeals from the intervention of APLE’s lawyers has increased from 50% (last year) to 60% during the period of January and September 2016. In 2015, all deportation appeals after our intervention were made by the general prosecutor. However, this year one third of the cases were made by prosecutors of the lower courts and two thirds were made by the general prosecutors. 

Even though there are great successes based on our interventions, more deportation orders are still needed. According to the research of APLE, amongst the suspects arrested, 65% of them have previously convictions for abuse against children. With this high number, APLE’s lawyers, victims, and victims’ family members hope that the judges will consider more on making the deportation orders at the lower courts.

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