Child Group Activity Could Help Children Tackle Their Stresses

Some people might think only adults have stress. In fact, everyone experiences stress, including children. The differences are only the level of stress, how to behave, and how to release stress.

To help children understand all of these, on 06 September 2016 our staff arranged a child group activity with 11 child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation at Peace Water Park. With this activity, they could build up a good rapport amongst themselves and also with staff. More especially, it was a chance for them to learn to release their stresses in a safe way.

During the group activity, they openly shared their stressful experiences, their behaviour responding to stress, and their solutions to deal with stress. It was a great opportunity for them to learn from each other on how to cope up with their stresses. Our staff also helped them identify the advantages and disadvantages of their solutions. What really surprised us was that we didn’t have to show them much about the new ways because they had found many good solutions already. The children were very active with this activity.

After the group discussion, we had lunch together, enjoyed swimming in the pool, and took group photos. We had lots of fun together and they said they wanted to have this activity again soon.

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