Looking for a Job with a leading Child protection Organisation, Work with us!

If you have specific skills and are willing to donate your time and make a difference, you are welcome to apply for a volunteer position with us. Below are some general eligibility criteria: 

  • Commit to a min of 6 months work 
  • Have no criminal record 
  • Be suitable for working with children 
  • Possess skills relevant and beneficial to APLE (law, criminology, project management, fundraising, communication)
  • Have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant skill   

Please email us a copy of the below documents:

  • Application letter in English which clearly states the job applied for
  • CV with a passport/ID photo 
  • Valid criminal record/police clearance
  • Work certificates from at least two of the previous employers   
  • Certificates of graduate/post-graduate education

We would encourage you to read the following policies before you start applying.

Interested? APPLY NOW!

Report it, Don't Ignore it.

If you come across child sexual abuse material online (CSAM), report it. You can also call our Hotline 092 311 511 to talk to our Hotline analyst and seek help.