Vietnamese Sentenced for Child Procurement

This morning, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court convicted four Vietnamese nationals – three of which are women – of procuring child prostitution. Nguyen Thykamseang, Lea Thy Ban, Yur Thyteak and Sen Dary were sentenced to seven years in prison each for facilitating girls aged between 13 and 16 years old to have sex with foreigners in exchange for money. The verdict, however, was announced in the absence of three accused, who ran away and are being sought by police.

One of the suspects was arrested in 2013 by the Anti-Human Trafficking police in APLE initiated case after they were suspected of procuring girls from Svay Park – the most notorious Cambodian community for child prostitution in the past years.

This is the second APLE case in which women were convicted of procurement of child prostitution over the last three weeks. In total, six women were sentenced to an average prison term of six years.

Vando Khoem, Deputy Director of Field Operations at APLE, stated:

β€œThe sentence is a significant step to make Cambodia a safer place for children. It also sends a strong message that any kinds of involvement in sex offenses against children will not go unpunished.”

For further information on this case, please contact:

Contact: Mr. Khoem Vando

Organization: APLE Cambodia


Phone: +855 92 590 503

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