Training authorities, especially the front-line is particularly important to effectively prevent and fight against child sexual abuse and exploitation in Cambodia. The Cambodian government is making efforts to eliminate corruption and strengthen infrastructure and leadership.

Our investigators work side-by-side with Cambodian police to train and share up-to-date investigative techniques and approaches to handling sensitive situations, such as suspected child sexual abuse and exploitation, child grooming, child abuse materials online.

Our trainers also conduct workshops with government officials and authorities to discuss strategies to eliminate child sexual abuse in Cambodia. Through our trainings, we aim for sustainability, whereby the government and police force are committed to proactively combating child sexual abuse. As the Co-chair of the Law Enforcement Working Group of the National Committee to Lead the Suppression of Human Trafficking, Smuggling, Labor and Sexual Exploitation in Women and Children, APLE believes that collaboration with law enforcement will ensure better protection of children.

We are also focused on training of trainers (ToT) to maximise the reach and sustainability of our awareness raising activities. By training trainers, we are giving these individuals the tools to disperse the knowledge further and become community leaders in the prevention.

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