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We offer online courses to children, parents and professionals.

All courses have been designed for you by APLE Cambodia, one of the leading organisations in the fight against child sexual abuse and exploitation in Cambodia since 2003.

Courses are built especially for children, parents and professionals working with children such as teachers, social workers, staff from NGOs which assist children, or any other professional who has direct or in-direct contact with children through their work. 

However, anyone who wants to gain knowledge on how to keep children safe from child sexual abuse and exploitation online is welcome to take the course.

The context of each course is related specifically to the situation in Cambodia, however, most of the sessions are relevant for learners anywhere who would like to expand their knowledge on online child sexual abuse and exploitation, and learn the best child protection mechanisms related to online safety.

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'keeping children safe from online sexual exploitation'


'Understanding child sexual abuse and exploitation threats'


'Protecting Myself and Others from Online Risks'

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