Supreme Court’s Decision Upholds the Appeal Court’s Verdict Against a Briton

Phnom Penh – On 10th August 2016, the Supreme Court pronounced a verdict against a 55-year-old British national, Michael Glyn Jones, by upholding the Appeal Court’s decision in which he was sentenced to 5 years in jail, fined him 4 million Riel and ordered his deportation after his jail term completion.

On 20 April 2015, Phnom Penh Municipal Court pronounced a verdict against a 55-year-old British national, Michael Glyn Jones, sentencing him to 8-year imprisonment for purchasing of child prostitution and committing indecent act against minors under fifteen years from four girls aged between 7 and 11 years. However, the 8-year term was reduced by the Appeal Court in September 2015 to only 5-year imprisonment, the term which is even below the minimum punishment of article 34 of Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation.

Michael Jones was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing minors by Phnom Penh’s Anti Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Unit in June 2014. APLE Cambodia tipped police off and assisted in rescuing victims. Four underage girls disclosed multiple abusive incidents by Michael Jones.

Ms. Him Sophorn, APLE’s court support team leader who has been working directly with the victims, said that “since their rescue, all of the girls have been referred to a safe care facility where they continue to receive emotional support and treatment. Healing is really an intense process in both time and resources, but receiving justice is part of what they have found helpful in healing.”

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