Street girl victims of Child Sexual Abuse received Civil Remedies through verdict of a Swedish court

Phnom Penh – On October 1st, 2019, six Cambodian girl victims of sexual abuse received a compensation of approximately USD 23,250 in total, after a Swedish court pronounced a verdict against Swedish national Ulf Christian Goransson, found guilty of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

In 2015, six street girls were rescued from sexual abuse and exploitation by the Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department police in Phnom Penh and referred to rehabilitation. The offender escaped from Cambodia back to his home country, where he was investigated after APLE collaborated with the Swedish National Police to have the individual arrested and prosecuted. With APLE’s mediation, the Cambodian victims obtained free legal representation in Sweden through a Swedish Law Firm.

In November 2016, Ulf Christian Goransson, aged 63, was found guilty of Sexual intercourse with a minor and purchase of child sexual abuse, in accordance with the Swedish law.

The offender was sentenced to 2 years and 7 months of imprisonment, as well as ordered to pay a total of SEK 214,400 in compensation to his 6 Cambodian victims.

As of October 2019, six girl victims have received their civil remedies through verdict of Swedish Court.

With APLE’s and its partner organization’s social support, the girls have also been following rehabilitation programs and have been doing vocational training courses to gain control over their lives in order to not have to return to the streets. One girl in particular has planned to use the compensation money to start her own sewing business.

“Compensation to victims of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation is extremely important as a first step for the victim to rebuild their lives.

Feeling heard, understood and receiving justice gives victims hope to carry on” Said Sophorn Him, APLE’s Court Support Team Leader. “We feel pleased to have collaborated with the Swedish pro-bono law firm which smoothed the process of the victims’ reparations. Extra-territorial collaboration is very helpful in these cases and that is why APLE aims to grow and strengthen its international cooperations” she added.

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