Report Child Sexual Abuse

Report Child Sexual Abuse


You can anonymously and confidentially create an online report concerning child sexual abuse and exploitation that happens either online or offline, such as:

Child Sexual Abuse Material​

includes images, videos, writings, and/or recordings of child sexual abuse or exploitation.

Online/Offline Grooming

refers to the act of soliciting a child, either in person or through the use of the internet for sexual purposes such as to receive sexual images online or to meet in person to sexually exploit him/her.


refers to the act of exchanging self-produced sexual messages/pictures with a child through mobile phone and/or internet.


refers to the act of using self-produced sexual messages/pictures of a child in order to threaten him/her for sexual favour, money or other benefits).

Live Streaming of Child Sexual Abuse or Exploitation Online

refers to the act of using a child in sexual activities that are recorded and transmitted live over the Internet.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

refers to the act of exploiting a child in prostitution, sex trafficking or pornographic performances.

Child Sexual Abuse Offline/Online

refers to the act of involving a child in sexual activities against his/her consent such as rape, molestation, and other sexual contact either in person or online.

Your report will be assessed by our hotline analyst. If found to be illegal, we will coordinate notice/takedown actions with law enforcement and/or other hotlines to have the content removed and/or the matter investigated. ​Your report can help us prevent abuse from happening or stop it from continuing. 

Reporting is quick, easy and anonymous and it can lead to a rescue of a child victim from further abuse. But if you’d like to find out what happened to your report, we need your email address so we know how to contact you.

IMPORTANT: If a child is in immediate danger, please contact your local police or call 1288

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