Release refused for American pedophile

The American former chief executive of a small local airline convicted of sexually abusing nine Cambodian girls had his plea for bail during his appeal swiftly rejected yesterday.

In the half-hour hearing, Brian Naswall, 53, claimed he needed bail because he had a tumour in his brain that no doctor is capable of treating, and also touted his business clout.

“If I am in jail, I will lose my business. My company contributes a lot to the Ministry of Tourism and, before the arrest, I cooperated with the minister,” he said. “I will stay in Cambodia . . . If the court releases me on bail during the day, at night I can return to the prison. But I know that words are weak.”

Deputy prosecutor Kem Kolyan said he feared Naswell might reoffend if released. “Because the suspect’s house is in Borei Keila near the homes of the victims, it is right to not release the suspect on bail,” he said.

Meanwhile the Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a guilty verdict against British national Michael Glyn Jones, who sexually abused four Cambodian girls. Jones had his sentence reduced from eight years to five in September last year.



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