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Help Child Survivors of Sexual Exploitation


Join us in empowering our exceptional female-led team to make a world of difference for child victims and their families. Let's create a safer and just future for every child with your generous support. 

APLE empowers child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation in Cambodia with our holistic support to overcome their trauma and build a brighter future. With our support and the strength of their community, these children can overcome any obstacle and find hope for a better tomorrow.


The trauma of sexual violence can haunt child victims for years to come, leaving deep emotional scars that can have a profound impact on their daily lives. The feelings of fear, shame, and loss of trust caused by this type of trauma can make even the simplest tasks seem daunting, hindering victims' ability to heal and move on from their trauma. It is essential that we as a society take the necessary steps to support these individuals and help them rebuild their lives in a safe and supportive environment.


APLE provides support and assistance to child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation in Cambodia. Our trauma-informed approach leads to a stable future for these victims. The program's activities include crisis intervention, provision of emotional support, legal advice and representation,  along with advocacy at all levels to establish child-friendly procedures during the entire judicial process. 

APLE Cambodia is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to combating child sexual abuse and exploitation. Our mission is to protect children's rights and help them thrive in a safe, just, and supportive environment. We believe that every child deserves a life free from harm.



Goal $10,000

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