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Established and operated by APLE Cambodia since 2015 with the support of INHOPE Association of Internet Hotlines. 


INHOPE is the leading global network combatting online Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). The Network consists of 46 hotlines in 42 countries that provide the public with a way to anonymously report illegal content online with a focus on CSAM. INHOPE is based in the Netherlands and their member Hotlines operate in all EU member states, Russia, South Africa, North & South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We joined the membership with INHOPE in 2015.

Law Enforcement

When it comes to child sexual abuse material, we work with the national police to assist with identifying victims of crime and bringing perpetrators to justice.  We collaborate with the dedicated police units, including the Anti Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection and the Anti Cybercrime. Where relevant to cross-border offending, we facilitate cooperation between national and international law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute crimes.

Safer Internet Day

APLE joined the membership with Safer Internet Day in 2018 as a supporter and has, since then, organized the annual SID events to promote and disseminate the online safety awareness among children, youth, parents, communities, government and NGOs.  

Industries and Tech Companies

The Hotline has established and maintained partnerships with international and national technology companies with the aim to fight online child sexual exploitation, increase reporting of CSAM, remove illegal content online and disseminate evidence based knowledge about risks and measures to protect children.

Safer Internet Day

Over the years, Safer Internet Day has become a landmark event in the online safety calendar and is now celebrated in approximately 170 countries worldwide.​​


Safer Internet Day Video

Frequently Asked Questions

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, which means organizations that provide connectivity to the internet. This also refers to ESP’s (Electronic Service Providers)

A Notice and Takedown order is a procedure for asking a Hosting Provider (HP) or search engine to immediately remove or disable access to illegal, irrelevant or outdated information hosted on their

A hotline enables the public to anonymously report online material they suspect may be illegal. A hotline analyst will investigate the report and if confirmed illegal, they act to have the content removed from the internet as rapidly as possible.

Content (CSAM) removed is the time stamp recorded on ICCAM when a hotline confirms that the instance of the image and/or video has been removed from the internet.

Membership & Partnership

APLE is a member of two global networks dedicated to combating the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and operates under formal MoUs with the Ministry of Interior & the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation. APLE is also a trusted partner of Facebook and a member of Family Care First Network.
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