Former Singer Gets 7 Years for Procurement of Child Prostitution

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – In the afternoon of December 31st, Phnom Penh Court’s presiding Judge Kor Vandy sentenced a 36-year-old former singer Ou Reaksmey to 7-year imprisonment for Procurement with regard to Child Prostitution, though the second charge of Unlawful Removal with Purpose was dropped. The court also ordered Ou Reaksmey to pay 20 million riel compensation to the civil plaintiff.

It’s noted that Ou Reaksmey was arrested on January 18th, 2014 by Phnom Penh Anti Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Unit after police found enough evidence that Our Reaksmey had lured and brought a-14-year old girl to her customer for sex. APLE helped police identify the victim and ensured the interview was conducted in a child-sensitive manner.

APLE’s Deputy Director of Field Operations, Khoem Vando, said:

“I welcomed the decision of the court, but I am disappointed that the punishment is only to its minimum level. Crime against children should never be punished to its minimum while the traumatization haunts the children life-long.”

This conviction marks the 8th convictions for Procurement with regard to Child Prostitution. All children involved in this type of crime are very much traumatized and need special care and support for their healing process.

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