Family Discussion Allows Civil Plaintiffs To Share, Learn And Expect

On 26 August 2016, family discussion on “Experience-Sharing of Civil Plaintiffs” was conducted in Eden Park Restaurant by APLE and supported by the German Embassy. The main purpose of the discussion was to strengthen legal mechanisms through knowledge-sharing and support to their families to increase trust in judicial system.

There were 10 civil plaintiffs attending the discussion. This event had four main objectives. First, to allow civil plaintiffs to share their experiences of their participation at the police stage and court procedures. Second, to enlarge their knowledge on child sexual abuse and exploitation and how to protect their children from sexual abuse and exploitation. Third, to improve their knowledge on their rights at all stages. Finally, to share knowledge about the criteria for compensation for civil plaintiffs.

From our observations, they were delighted to attend the discussion. They were brave and actively shared their experiences and their feelings during their participation at all stages. During the group discussion, they could express their feelings and start to be aware that they were not the only ones who had gone through those feelings or experiences. Most of them were illiterate, but they did not hesitate to make presentations after group discussion to share what they knew about their rights at each stage of court procedure, their feelings, and their expectation of attending those stages.

All of them said they would like to have this kind of discussion again and most of them wanted to have a full day discussion at the next chance. This has illustrated to all how such discussion is really important to them.

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