Country manager for travel agency arrested for child exploitation

Today Australian national T.L., 65, from Sydney was arrested by the Anti-human Trafficking Police in Siem Reap on two charges of purchasing child prostitution from at least two underage girls and making child pronograpy.

T.L. became subject of an investigation after the victims stated that he paid them to have sex with him and that he filmed the sexual activities.

While searching his apartment, police found pornographic images and video footage of T.L having sex with the girls. In total, two laptops, three cameras and two external hard disks containing numerous child abuse images were confiscated for further analysis.

According to APLE, there are possibly more victims to be identified from the seized material and our agents are working hard with police to esnure full investiagtions in this case.

Additional reports by: Phnom Penh Post & Daily Mail

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