Community, Industry and Media Engagement

This program aims to support the capacity development of the criminal justice system for the investigation, prosecution and prevention of child sexual offences.

A lack of community understanding about how to protect against child sexual abuse and exploitation and a lack of engagement from all the relevant stakeholders leaves children vulnerable. This is all the program is about.

Awareness Raising

Designed and provided for children, young people, parents, caregivers, educators and other community members to increase the knowledge that may be used to keep themselves and others safe

Targeted Training

Designed and conducted for child protection practitioners, community leaders, local authorities and private businesses on the subjects mostly concerning to them such as reporting, child safeguarding

Skill Training

Tailored and designed to develop specific skills such as child interview, child online protection, child-friendly standard procedures, targeting professionals working with children

Where We Focus On

APLE’s Community, Industry and Media Engagement Program focuses on disseminating knowledge throughout the general population through the identification of key members of communities and the provision of education on how to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Additionally, by building a committed informant network and running phone and Internet hotlines where the public can report abuse anonymously and confidentially, this program boosts informal social protection mechanisms to prevent and eradicate sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

Who we engage with

We engage all levels of society, from communities, government, law enforcement, private companies to media, for the promotion of and prevention of risks and harms of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Help us reach out to more people for the prevention of abuse and exploitation.

Your support will enable us to provide more awareness raising, training, and educational campaigns and  disseminate the much needed knowledge across the wider community.

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