APLE Applauds the Appeal Court’s Verdict for Child Rapist

Phnom Penh – Yesterday, Ros Chea, a child rapist who was arrested in 2012 after raping a 10-year old girl, heard the Appeal Court uphold the earlier sentence of the Municipal Court. Ros Chea had been sentenced to ten years imprisonment and was ordered to pay 12 million riel compensation to a civil plaintiff.

Ros Chea had confessed that he raped the ten-year-old girl and he had promised her to pay 1,000 riel (USD 0.25) in exchange for the sex. After the intervention by police, APLE and a partner organization have provided the rescued girl with support which facilitated her reintegration with her family.

Chea Nara, APLE lawyer, said after the Appeal Court’s decision that “We welcome the Appeal Court’s decision upholding the verdict against the convicted man. This is another effort of the court to respond to the child sexual abuse in Cambodia.

Child rape is still widespread in Cambodia. Contrary to common belief children are mostly raped by someone they know and even trust. Although APLE is not focused on this type of crime, since 2014 APLE has represented victims in six child rape or attempted child rape cases that led to a conviction. All offenders were Cambodian nationals.

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