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Your help is needed.

There is an urgent need to take action and stop the atrocities of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Sexual abuse and exploitation has a devastating, life-long impact on a child, and more children are at risk with perpetrators changing methods of gaining access to them. But by working together, we can stop the threat and help rescue children. We need your support.

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Can One-Stop Service Centers Meet the Gaps in Response for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in Cambodia?

Our Interventions

We work in four holistic intervention programs, implementing the partnerships across multi stakeholders, with the aim to ensure social and systematic change in the prevention of abuse and protection of young victims.

Policy and Legislative Framework

With data and research based evidence, we support the development of comprehensive and effective policies and legal frameworks to protect children from all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation that comply with international legal standards and the UNCRC protection measures.

Criminal Justice Development

We provide specialized police with continuing capacity development, mentorship and casework assistance, which allows for more effective victim-focused investigations and prosecutions of child sexual offences. We advocate for criminal justice processes to be carried out in full respect of the rights of the child and their best interests.

Victim Support and Assistance

Our team of social workers and lawyers provide and facilitate access to psycho-social and legal services that help child victims with their recovery, rehabilitation and access to justice. We advocate for comprehensive coordinated specialist support to be available for child victims and their families throughout the criminal justice procedures. 

Community, Industry & Media Engagement

We equip, engage and empower all levels of the society with the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence that enable children, parents, caregivers, community leaders, private businesses and media to identify risks, keep safe, report abuse, and take action to prevent abuse.


We’re a member of INHOPE Global Network of Hotlines, committed to combating child sexual abuse material online. Currently, the network consists of 46 hotlines in 42 countries. 


Total CSAM Reports
1,038,268 URLs exchanged
474,750 URLs previously assessed
267,192 URLs found illegal
CSAM Site Types
48% Website
24% Image Host
13% File Host
8% Forum
1% Social Networking
Age of Victims
76% Pre-pubescent (3-13 yrs)
22% Pubescent (14-17 yrs)
1% Infant (0-2 yrs)
Gender of Victims
93% Girls
5% Boys
2% Both

Impact Report 2020

2020 is the most challenging year for the implementation of many activities due to the outbreak and containment measures of COVID19.

Fortunately, with the incredible supports from our partners and donors, we were able to step up the fight in many areas. Here are some of the proud achievements.

Child Online Protection

With the growth of modern internet communication technologies, the vulnerability of children is sadly increasing. We've partnered with government agencies, law enforcement, global tech industries and hotlines around the world to prevent and respond to online child sexual exploitation. 

Training & Education

We develop educational resources and provide training, awareness raising and online courses for professionals working with children, parents and caregivers, children, youth, communities and authorities to attain the knowledge and skills they need to keep safe, protect others and prevent online child sexual exploitation.

Safer Internet Day

Since 2018, APLE has joined the Safer Internet Day as a country supporter to organize the annual SID events, disseminate the online safety awareness among children, youth, parents, communities, government, NGOs, and promote positive use of the Internet, having successfully reached thousands of target audiences.

Notice & Takedown

We collaborate with other 46 hotlines of the INHOPE global network of internet hotlines around the world, industry partners and law enforcement to exchange reports of CSAM, conduct content assessment and follow the notice and takedown protocol that enables for the illegal images/videos to be removed and/or investigated.     

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Online grooming is the act of soliciting a child, either in person or through the use of the internet for sexual purposes such as to receive sexual images online or to meet in person to sexually exploit him/her.

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Membership & Partnership

APLE is a member of two global networks dedicated to combating the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and operates under formal MoUs with the Ministry of Interior & the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation. APLE is also a trusted partner of Facebook and a member of Family Care First Network.
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