8-Year Imprisonment Sentence Against An Australian For Sexually Abusing Cambodian Children Upheld

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Today, 22 April 2016, the Appeal Court upheld the 8-year imprisonment sentence against an Australian national named Trevor J. Bailey Lake, former Country Manager of Trails of Indochina in Cambodia.

In May 2015, Siem Reap provincial court charged Trevor J. Bailey Lake of sexually abusing two girls aged between 15 and 17 and of child pornography. Then, the judge sentenced him to 8-year imprisonment and also ordered him to pay 9 million riel compensation to the civil plaintiff and the victim. He will be also deported after the imprisonment term.

As child protection organization, APLE Cambodia initiated an investigation into the case after receiving reports of suspected abuse. After assisting the Siem Reap AHTJP police in their investigation, Lake was arrested in August 2014.  

After examining the digital evidence, self-produced child pornography was found on the computer of Lake. This is not the first time child pornography plays a role in APLE-initiated cases. In almost 15 percent of all APLE cases child pornography plays a role. APLE will continue its commitment to stop all forms of child sexual abuse and exploitation, including the production of child pornography, by working with local authorities and relevant partners to put perpetrators behind bars and find justice for victims.

Khoem Vando, Program Manager at APLE Cambodia, said that “I welcome the decision of the up-holding, especially the deportation order. Deportation should be made mandatory.”

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