57 Stakeholders Equipped With Knowledge On Child Sexual Abuse And Exploitation

Prevention is one of the main pillars of child protection. In October 2016, 32 NGO personnel and 25 confidential informants were equipped with new knowledge on child sexual abuse and exploitation online & offline through APLE training courses. The courses focused on the new modus operandi of preferential child sex offenders in luring children for abusive purposes. The training on online sexual exploitation included advice on the methods & techniques used by online predators to groom children (such as sexting and sextortion), online safety tips and various techniques for parental control.

With this knowledge, the NGO personnel will be able to teach children, teens, parents and other community members on how to stay safe and how to protect their children from online sexual abuse and exploitation. The trained confidential informants will also be able to better identify suspicious behaviours of potential offenders and report those suspicious incidents to the police or APLE.

Report it, Don't Ignore it.

If you come across child sexual abuse material online (CSAM), report it. You can also call our Hotline 092 311 511 to talk to our Hotline analyst and seek help.