4 Underage Girls Rescued From Sexual Abuse

PHNOM PENH – On 27 April 2017, four underage girls aged between 12 and 15 years living in Phnom Penh were rescued by Phnom Penh Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Unit.  During a raid at an apartment a 69-year-old British national named C.R.K.C. was arrested for allegedly abusing the girls.

During the arrest, the police found and seized two computers (laptops), a hard disk, toys, condoms and medicines. The suspect was arrested at his rental apartment in Sangkat Tuol Tumpong II, Khan Chamkarmorn. According to police, the suspect is a retired medical doctor.

In February 2017, APLE Cambodia received a report from an informant of the alleged abuse and helped police to investigate the crime and identify the victims. According to police investigations, the suspect often gave USD20 to USD200 to each victim. The court has formally charged the suspect with purchasing child prostitution. If he is found guilty, the suspect could face a jail sentence of between 7-15 years. A 31-year-old woman who is suspected of being a broker was also charged with soliciting child prostitution. The arrest marks the third foreign man arrested for child sexual offences this month.

APLE Cambodia works alongside police to investigate suspected sexual abuse and exploitation of children. APLE will provide appropriate support to the affected children and their families to ensure that they are helped to manage any emotional difficulties and receive justice.

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