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APLE is thrilled and appreciative of working in partnership with others to leverage our program impact. We invite you to be become our partner.

We would not be able to assist in the prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation and the protection of those affected without support and generous donations of foundations, organisations and individuals such as yourself. As a governmental, not-for-profite organisation, we rely heavily on donations. We are lucky to have the very generous donors as shown below who strongly believe in our work and continue to encourage and support us year after year. 

APLE receives a good portion of our funding through individuals who see the value in our work and want to support us to continue. We are grateful to these donors and thrilled that they have put their trust in the organisation. We would also like to say thanks to all our previous donors for their invaluable and generous contributions that have made our work possible. Here are some of them to acknowledge.

  • Acting for Life International
  • Swiss Embassy Bangkok
  • Canada Funds for Local Initiatives
  • One Child Canada
  • World Vision
  • 24 Hours Race
  • ADM Capital Foundation
  • Exo Foundation
  • New Day Asia
  • Stop Exploitation Now
  • Global Humanitaria Spain

If you are interested in donating to our programs, please visit our GIVE page.

If you wish to partner with APLE on any joint fundraising or grant consortium, please visit our CONNECT page.

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Report it, Don't ignore it.

If you come across child sexual abuse material online (CSAM), report it. You can also call our Hotline 092 311 511 to talk to our Hotline analyst.