Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE) is a leading Cambodian NGO operating in Cambodia since 2003 to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation. APLE is now seeking to recruit:

1. Criminal Justice Development Team Leader (Full Time) based in Phnom Penh

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct a full range of line management supervision (investigation coordinator, case officers, hotline analyst, IT/hotline assistant, intern and volunteer)
  • Assist in development of training manuals for capacity building of relevant stakeholders, including law enforcement and judicial officials
  • Coordinate the development of capacity building program with law enforcement
  • Be responsible for workshop and training organizations for relevant stakeholders, including law enforcement and judicial officials
  • Assist in monitoring the effectiveness of training programmes and coordinate review with trainers and senior police leadership
  • Coordinate the exposure learning visits for national police champions
  • Manage the investigation process and activities to ensure strict compliance with the operational guideline and national laws
  • Monitor rescue and raid operations by police both onsite and offsite to ensure the compliance to child-centric investigation processes
  • Liaise with national and international law enforcement on matters related to the investigative and operational activities
  • Manage the programme budget and spending procedures
  • Represent the organisation in meetings, conferences and other discussion forums when requested
  • Be responsible for the programme M&E process and reporting
  • Lead and support the programme lobbying and advocacy activities

Skills, Education, Experience Required:

  • Experience with management, legal and related fields
  • Highly experienced in child protection, investigative work and other relevant fields
  • Strong interest in working together with and building the capacity of others
  • Ability to handle challenging situations in a professional manner
  • Fluent in written and spoken English

2. Lawyer (Full Time) based in Phnom Penh

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide a full set of quality pro bono legal counselling and representation to clients when appointed
  • Manage and maintain case files and evidence in accordance with the professional standard and country laws
  • Conduct case based advocacy with court officials and relevant institutions on behalf of clients to ensure their best interest
  • Carry out follow-up activities on legal cases in courts
  • Provide technical advice/inputs for the development of child-friendly legal aid tools
  • Offer legal assistance (information, advice, case summary) to other pro-bono lawyers accepting to process civil and/or criminal complaints under foreign court’s jurisdiction on behalf and in the best interest of clients
  • Examine legality of internal documents and processes to ensure conformity with country laws
  • Provide pro-bono legal aid to staff in a situation of legal complaint against them as part of their work performance when requested
  • Offer legal advice and analysis to staff and other concerned parties in the events of working on suspected child abuse incidents and delivering client services to ensure the best possible lawful action
  • Participate in strategic advocacy and awareness raising activities as required

Skills, Education, Experience Required:

  • At least Bachelor degree of law and certificate of professional lawyer (member of the BAR association of the Kingdom of Cambodia)
  • Minimum 3 years experiences as a licensed lawyer in management and handling of anti-human trafficking and child sexual exploitation cases
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Excellent computer skills

3. Hotline Analyst (Full Time) based in Phnom Penh

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Analyse online reports under local and international laws and submit notice/takedown requests directly or through INHOPE ICCAM system to responsible agencies for action
  • Produce detailed reports of the finding on illegal content to develop counter strategies to combat such material
  • Submit the finding report to local ISPs or law enforcement
  • Promote the visibility of APLE internet hotline to general public
  • Work with CE team leader to ensure updated contents of learning resource centre and testing and certification system
  • Consult with CJD team leader and refer the analyzed reports, if the contents or websites hosted in foreign countries, to respective INHOPE networking hotlines, ISPs, or international law enforcement for the content removal website taking-down or undertaking a proper legal action
  • Update case’s action status on the system & provide feedback to reporters if necessary
  • Participate in developing and revision of the system, policies and regulations concerning the hotline

Skills, Education, Experience Required:

  • Bachelor degree in IT or relevant studies
  • Strong experience with internet search and investigation
  • Demonstrated high level ability to gather and analyze information and possess good knowledge of English and laws
  • Demonstrates a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail
  • Strong command of written and verbal communication skills with ability to effectively engage with internal and external parties

Remuneration and Benefits:

  • Competitive salary
  • Health and accident insurance
  • 13th month salary
  • Severance pay entitlement
  • Capacity development opportunities

Desirable for all positions:

  • Mature and committed person with compassion to working with different kinds of people
  • Trustworthy, humble, creative, active team player and good at managing people
  • Strong interest in working together with and building the capacity of others
  • Ability to motivate, be flexible, and foster openness and creativity
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication skills

To apply, please send your CV and Cover Letter to with Subject Ref. (position you’re applying for)

For additional information, please contact 012 584 194/023 996 351

Note: Only short-listed candidates will be called for an interview and asked to present the original copies of the academic and employment certificates. 

Closing date: 29th January 2018. Please send any applications as soon as possible as some interviews may be conducted before the expiration of the closing date.

What would you like to report?

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
Child Exploitation Materials Online
Child Sexual Abuse
View your reprot status

If you witness a child in immediate danger, please call police 1288 or APLE 092 311 511.


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