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Help 30 Victims of Child Sexual Abuse In Cambodia

APLE Cambodia is participating in a crowdfunding campaign to raise US$5,000 from 40 donors by 31st March 2017. We are now seeking your help to reach our goal with your kind donation for our project “Help 30 Victims of Child Sexual Abuse in Cambodia.”

APLE’s Court Support Program focuses on providing high-quality and timely legal and social support for child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation in Cambodia. Besides, through the development and dissemination of best practice guidelines for supporting victims and their families, doing case-by-case advocacy and building strategic partnerships with other organizations; APLE enables child victims to pursue justice without further trauma and achieve stable lives.

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Report it, Don't ignore it.

If you come across child sexual abuse material online (CSAM), report it. You can also call our Hotline 092 311 511 to talk to our Hotline analyst.