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What do you know about Online Child Sexual Exploitation?

If you wish to learn about the new phenomenon of online child sexual exploitation (OCSE), please visit our Internet Hotline website.
There, you can find information about OCSE, age-appropriate learning resources, online courses, a venue for reporting and more.

Criminal Justice Development

Encompassing the work for which APLE Cambodia is best known, and is founded on the belief that strengthening the criminal justice system is the highest priority in achieving long-term sustainable change.

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Victim Support

Providing high quality legal protection and psycho-social support for victims and families affected by sexual abuse and exploitation, thus enabling them to pursue justice while minimising the risk of further trauma.

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Community Engagement

Disseminating knowledge throughout the general population through the identification of key members of communities and the provision of education on how to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

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Research and Advocacy

Disseminating evidence based findings and recommendations to strengthen advocacy for positive changes in laws and the criminal justice process and inform APLE and other stakeholders of areas requiring further attention.

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Cases handled with the police


Child survivors supported


Offenders prosecuted


People educated/trained


Poy Nika, Trainee Teacher

Phnom Penh Pedagogical Institute

I have now gained a lot of knowledge on child sexual exploitation online after my first-time participation in the learning workshop conducted by APLE. I’ll continue to share my knowledge to other people and schools in my community. I would like APLE to carry on disseminating knowledge to other schools.

Report Abuse Hotline

If you feel the child is in immediate danger, report to police directly or the authority nearest to you or call our Hotline. Wherever you are, your report can help us stop abuse or prevent it from happening.