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APLE values partnerships and sees them as critical to ending child sexual abuse and exploitation in Cambodia. Over the years, we have built strong partnerships among various sectors of society, some of which are highlighted below.

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In order to ensure that children who have been sexually abused or exploited receive the best possible care, APLE partners closely with other NGOs. By the time APLE started providing social support to victims, many other NGOs were already doing this. To avoid duplication, APLE gives social counselling in relation to the court system, while we seek collaboration from other NGOs to provide long-term rehabilitative care.

Key NGO Partners:

  • Cambodia Acts
  • Chab Dai
  • CWCC
  • Hagar International
  • First Step Cambodia
  • M’lop Tapang
  • Pour un Sourire d'Enfants
  • World Hope International
  • Wold Vision
  • Others

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National Law Enforcement

In the long-term, APLE envisions a pro-active and skilled police force that is able to investigate and respond to all cases of child sexual abuse or exploitation on their own. However, financial, material, and human resources prevent the police from doing this and the use of grooming reduces the likelihood that a victim will disclose the abuse. APLE has become a leading expert in investigating street-based abuse and works closely with the Cambodian National Police and its specialist Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police to build their knowledge and skills. APLE also assist the municipal police, including the Crime Investigation Department and the Military Police. We commend the police for the great strides made thus far and look forward to assisting them in the future.

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Royal Government of Cambodia

APLE works closely with the Royal Government of Cambodia and has signed Memorandums of Understanding [MoU] to register and outline the scope of our work. APLE signed a MoU with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in 2003, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation in 2006, and the Ministry of Interior in 2010. In March 2015, we extended our MoU with the Ministry of Interior and, in August 2014, we registered as a local NGO with the Ministry of Interior. Outside of formal partnerships, APLE collaborates closely with other government branches, such as the Ministry of Justice, and co-chairs on the Law Enforcement Working Group of the National Committee for Counter Trafficking.

socialConducting the training and advocacy workshop to raise sensitivity of the child sexual abuse and advocate for mandatory deportation

Foreign Law Enforcement

Given that street-based abuse is most often perpetrated by travelling sex offenders, APLE also assists in cases where the suspect is foreign. When offenders of different nationalities are involved, APLE works closely with their respective countries’ law enforcement agencies to facilitate cooperation with the CNP and provide local expertise. APLE has built relationships with approximately 15 law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, ICE, AFP, UK CEOP, and Nordic Police. APLE strives to ensure all investigations it assists in meet international police standards. In addition, APLE’s cooperation with foreign law enforcement has led to some suspects being tried in their home country for crimes against children committed in Cambodia.

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APLE believes that the media plays an important role in ending child sexual abuse and exploitation by shining a light on cases and experiences. By working with the media, APLE prioritises principles of transparency and honesty with the aim of enhancing the awareness about child sexual abuse and exploitation as well as protecting children. APLE frequently publishes press releases to inform both local and international media of cases and to share the organization's opinions and expertise. We also assist with the creation of documents and research for educational and analytical purposes, which are disseminated among a variety of sectors.

What would you like to report?

If you witness a child in immediate danger, please call police 1288 or APLE 092 311 511.


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