Policy and Legislation

This program aims to support and advocate for policy and legislative frameworks that effectively address children's needs and better protect them from all of forms of abuse and exploitation.

Children’s rights are found in many national legal frameworks. However, specific legislation to protect vulnerable children and child victims is lacking. We closely collaborate with the national government to support and advocate for provisions that put the protection and promotion of children’s rights at its heart.

Accessibility to All Legal Protection Measures

All legal protection measures for children must be accessible and inclusive to children. We support government to address policy and legislative gaps and ensure that child protection frameworks are age appropriate and work for all children regardless of gender, race, religion, disability or other characteristics.

Effective Implementation of Policy Action

We promote the respect of children's rights contained in the CRC, ensuring that implementation of all policy actions take into account of the four guiding principles on children’s rights. We also work to help children realise their rights, including the right to non-discrimination; the right to life, survival, and development; the right to be heard; and their best interests.

Children's Voice and Perspective

Children and young people have strong opinions, and they have a right to be heard in matters that affect them. We seek to engage with children to collect their voices and perspectives which are used to inform policy and legislative development that addresses children's needs. We arrange for effective consultation with child participation throughout the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all our programmes.

Where We Focus On

Our Policy and Legislation Program focuses on disseminating knowledge throughout the general population through the identification of key members of communities and the provision of education on how to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Additionally, by building a committed informant network and running phone and Internet hotlines where the public can report abuse anonymously and confidentially, this program boosts informal social protection mechanisms to prevent and eradicate sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

Who we engage with

We engage with high levels of government, international child rights bodies and civil society organisations to identify gaps and support the development of policy and legislative frameworks that protect children from all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation. 

Help us Support and Influence Change in Policy and Legislation that better address children's needs.

Your support will enable us to continue to explore options, support the government to develop complementary legislative frameworks and advocate for effective enforcement.  

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