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APLE strictly abides by its professional code of conduct that establishes guiding principles of highest moral, professional conduct aiming to ensure good practices.

Find below some of our policies that all APLE members must exercise at all times.  

Child Protection Policy

This policy aims to establish risk management approach to preventing child abuse and exploitation, provide guidance on code of behaviour governing interactions with children and determine practical reporting and response procedures.
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Code of Conduct

This Code establishes principles and values of moral, professional and legal conduct and ensures that the boundaries of professional behaviour are clear.
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Communication Policy

This policy is designed to ensure information is available and understood across the whole context of the organisation and its activities, and to establish and maintain open, clear and effective channels of internal and external communications.
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Media Policy

Believing that the media plays an important role in the combat against child sexual exploitation, APLE makes every effort to cooperate when facilitating media requests. We seek to work with the media transparently and honestly to protect Cambodian children and educate the masses about child sex exploitation.
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Information & Data Protection Policy

This policy aims to help all staff improve and maintain security of information system, determine their responsibilities under the requirements of relevant existing legislations and minimise the risk of security breach for the best interest of all people involved.
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Equality & Diversity Policy

This policy aims to provide equality, fairness and respect for all in our employment; not discriminate against any individual; and oppose and avoid all forms of discrimination, including in pay and benefits, terms and conditions of employment.
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Report it, Don't ignore it.

If you come across child sexual abuse material online (CSAM), report it. You can also call our Hotline 092 311 511 to talk to our Hotline analyst.