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If you are doing this online course, you already know a little about the internet and how it is used. However, it is presumable that you, as most people on the internet, do not take much notice into how the internet works and what the internet allows you to do.

The internet has become one of the most popular tools in the world to communicate with other people. According to We are Social, in January 2019, there were 4.39 billion people around the world that use the internet, with an increase of 366 million first time users from previous year.

The rapid increase in internet users was made possible by the use of smartphones and mobile data plans. Social media users are also increasing rapidly with almost 1 million new users every day.

Watch this video by to learn more about the Internet and how it works

Now that you covered the concept of the Internet and how it works, you will next learn about  Internet use in Cambodia.

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