Internet Use in Cambodia

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Please go over the data report slides related to internet use in Cambodia made by We Social for the year 2019.

Datareportal — Digital 2019: Cambodia

As you can see in the data presented above, in Cambodia, between the years 2018-2019, an extra 5 million new users have been connected to the internet – an increase of 56% from the previous year, leading to a total of 12.5 million internet users in the country (76% of the population). Half of the population (8.4 million) have active social media accounts.

Most of the population access the internet via mobile devices, with many of the population having more than one device (153% of the population). Websites containing adult content remain some of the most visited websites. The rapid surge in internet users in Cambodia, has a direct link to the rise in online sex offenders using the internet to access children in the country. With more children having access to internet devices and the lack of awareness programs on online safety in areas where internet use is relatively new, there is an increase in children who are exposed to the risks of OCSE. It is also directly linked to an increase in cases of sexual exploitation of children related to travel and tourism.

Awareness raising on safe ways to use the internet, for both children as well as parents and communities can effectively prevent children from falling into harm online.

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