Risks of Online Child Sexual Exploitation

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The risks of Online Child Sexual Exploitation can be divided into three forms as follows: 

Content risks: Where a child is exposed to unwelcome and inappropriate content. This can include sexual, pornographic and violent images;  

Watch this video by NetSafe to understand what risks children might be exposed to online 

Contact risks: Where a child participates in risky communication, such as with an adult seeking inappropriate contact or soliciting a child for sexual purposes, or with individuals attempting to radicalise a child or persuade him or her to take part in unhealthy or dangerous behaviours; and 

Watch this video by CEOP to learn more how children are groomed for sexual purposes  


Conduct risks: Where a child behaves in a way that contributes to risky content or contact. This may include children posting or distributing sexual images, including material they have produced themselves. 

Watch this video by Warwickshire to learn more about risky behaviours online 

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