Rise of Online Child Sexual Exploitation

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Cases of sexual exploitation of children which happen online are growing at a staggering rate. This is due to several factors:  

  • Internet connectivity is rising all over the world, with many of the users being children and young people. Cambodia is among the countries with the fastest growing internet penetration among its population.   
  • The internet allows users to stay relatively anonymous online enabling child sex offenders to keep their identities hidden and enable easier access to children, increasing the number of victims they have. 
  • Online technologies make it easier than ever before to produce, consume and distribute child sexual abuse material with less chances of being detected.  
  • Heavy gaps in technological knowledge and internet use between children and parents as well as low awareness rates of the general public on online risks make children more vulnerable when they are online.  
  • The specific technological qualities in which OCSE takes place require different approaches from police and law enforcement to address these crimes, many of which still do not have the capacity to do so.  

All of these factors make it easier for child sex offenders to exploit children more than ever with the use of the internet. 

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