Session 4.4: Summary

Topic Progress:

Well done!

You are one step away from the final test and completing the course. But before that, let’s recap the important things to remember on OCSE you have learned throughout the course: 

  1. Children need to be educated on safe online behaviors from the moment they have access to the internet.  
  1. Although many cases of online sexual abuse and exploitation happen without physical contact between the offender and the child, they are still serious and have a severe impact on a child’s wellbeing just as in an offline setting and when contact is involved.  
  1. It is always the fault of the child sex offender for any abuse that has occurred and a child should never be blamed, even if the child participated actively.  
  1. Discussing topics related to healthy relationships, sex, and the risks of sexual exploitation are important for a child’s healthy development, for ensuring their safety from sexual violence, and for encouraging them to disclose and seek help if abuse has already occurred. Make sure however all discussions are kept age appropriate.  
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