Session 4.1: Parental controls

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Parental controls are different features which parents can apply on different devices websites and applications in order to limit children’s exposure to inappropriate content on the web and filter what they have access to. 

For websites and platforms, you will often be able to access parental controls through the settings. For instance, if you want to make sure that when your child is using Google Chrome, they won’t see websites that contain explicit material, you can turn on “SafeSearch” which will filter these from searches. On Facebook, under your child’s user account you can switch parental controls on where you will be able to have access to everything they see and do. This will require the user’s password.   

There are also different applications you can download that will allow you further control such as set specific time limits for how much your child uses the internet on their device or restrict the type of information that is shared.  

Monitoring your child’s activity without being too controlling can serve as a way to protect your child from the risks online. But setting controls is best done after discussion with your child where you can do it together and speak about the importance of online safety.   

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