3.5 – Wrap Up

Topic Progress:

Way to go!  You are one step away from reaching the final quiz and completing the course.

Let’s sum up what we have learnt in previous sessions and make sure we remember the important points:

  • Personal information as well as intimate photos, should never be shared online, and your privacy settings should be set to your close friends.
  • People online are not always who they say they are and may try to engage you in harmful behavior. Always stay critical of who you meet online and make sure to block/report behavior that puts you at risk.
  • Both boys and girls can be affected by OCSE and they are never the one’s to blame for the abuse. In any case of OCSE, help should be sought after to help recover from the abuse.
  • Knowledge on online risks and how to stay safe should be shared with as many people as possible to help prevent children being exposed to OCSE.

Now let’s continue to the final quiz!

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