3.2 – Reporting

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Online Child Sexual Exploitation is a crime and should be reported!

You should report when:

  • Someone is trying to sexually exploit you online or acting suspiciously
  • You are exposed to Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)
  • You know of another child who is being sexually exploited online

There are different ways you can report OCSE:

  • In Cambodia, APLE has launched a 24/7 hotline that can be reached for any case of child sexual abuse and exploitation including online child sexual exploitation at 092-311-511.
  • Another option is to report through APLE’s internet hotline www.internethotlinecambodia.org where you can leave anonymous reports on any content you have been exposed to related to OCSE or if you were personally affected. http://aplecambodia.org/child-sexual-abuse-material/
  • Certain websites and apps have their own reporting button where you can report the offensive content directly and then the website will work on removing the content. They can usually be found next to the content displayed or through the settings.
  • Local police should also be contacted if someone is being abusive towards you and exploits you online.  

Telling someone that you have been affected or exposed to OCSE can be extremely difficult. But it is extremely important to do so.

 Reporting OCSE can:

  • Stop the exploitation and prevent the offender from hurting anyone else
  • Help bring justice to the victim and holds offenders accountable for their actions
  • Promote a safer space on internet for all users
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