1.3 – Online Platforms

Topic Progress:

Most of our online activities concentrate on different platforms and apps. These include social media and communication platforms, the use of web browsers and search engines, gaming platforms and live streaming and video applications.

Think how many of the following applications do you recognise.

If you recognized 3 and under: Seems you are just getting to know the internet. Better make sure you are having a safe start and you are aware of all the different risks and points of safety online.

If you recognized 4-6: Seems you are pretty acquainted with what the internet has to offer, but are you sure you also know how to use the applications safely? Protect yourself by learning the different safety measures with each online app.

If you recognized above 7: Wow, your experience and time you spend on the internet is impressive! More of a reason to know what to do to stay safe online.  

Whether you are new to the internet or have been using the internet for a while, – it is always important to act safely and know what to do to in order to avoid different online risks.

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